Man Crush Alert!!

27 01 2010

Ryan Reynolds is one of those actors who’s carreer I have followed for quite some time. I watched him outshine everyone on the cast of 2 guys, a girl, and a pizza place (except Nathan Fillion. I love you Captain Mal!). I know the way he delivers his lines so well that I can tell when an actor is swagger jacking him. Yea, I’m talking to you Chris Evans! I make it a point to watch all his movies, even the terribly sappy ones, helping his career to flourish.

As a super fan, I was overjoyed when I found out my man crush is going to become a super-hero!! I’ve always imagined him as Wally West/ The Flash but that movie is deader than Bea Arthur (too soon). He impressed me as Hannibal King in that mess of a movie Blade Trinity. Gushed when he appeared on screen as Wade Wilson (not Deadpool) last summer, ‘the merc with the mouth’ was one of the best parts of the clusterf%$k known as Wolverine. To do that part justice, why wouldn’t he get his own solo film? The answer is of course he would!!

Still speaking as a fan, I am beyond happy that Ryan is going to be in a skin tight unitard thrusting all about the dreams–I mean screen. Its just gives me the vapors just thinking about it. But, still as a fan, I am a little concerned that now he is also going to  be Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. I know his acting range, enjoyable but kinda limiting. I’m afraid that the two different characters will end being the same, not just because they share the same face, and that would be a travesty.

Its not all gloom and doom. I’m not saying he can’t surprise me, just venting my reservations. Its seem like he is trying to put some critics at ease by doing an indie film just before he slithers into his tights. The movie is called Buried. Check out the poster and trailer.

A civilian contractor awakens buried in a coffin in the middle of the desert after being kidnapped in Iraq. The entire movie would just feature him and a cell phone. I don’t know of any other movie like that so this should be interesting. If he pulls this off and his two costumed ventures, he will be the next go to guy of any director after Brad and Matt. Mark my words.

Is it wrong to hope that he takes his shirt off…………mmm……………Buried shovels it self out to theaters TBA




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