Whats the funniest title you can think of for a movie….

27 01 2010

If your thinking about Hot Tub Time Machine, then you are correct sir!


When I first I heard about this movie and saw the teaser trailer for it, I assumed it was a joke. It had to be some sort of SNL Digital Short or FunnyorDie clip, right? No. No no no no no…..Its an actual movie. A real movie with real actors, a real production team behind it,  and a real script with that title. Wow.

During a night of partying,  Adam (John Cusack), Lou, (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke), end up in a hot tub and after waking up the next morning, they find themselves transported back to 1986.

Thats it. Thats the story! Check out the trailer below. NSFW!!

I know what you’re thinking—the bear rules! One thing I found myself thinking is that every movie can benefit from having a drunk guy in a bear suit. Off the top of my head Twilight, Body of Lies, Spartacus–just to name a few. This mysterious movie has fulfilled my strange request. By the looks of the trailer, its like any good ol’  raunchy r-rated comedy. I own about a dozen. So this movie is awesomely right up my alley. I just hope that when the comparisons between The Hangover start coming around (because you know it will) it doesnt kill the movie. If it does maybe it’ll make it stronger!!  On a side note, I think Rob Croddry’s character is going to annoy me.

Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters March 19, 2010.




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