Do we really need this? Wanted 2….sigh….

6 02 2010

Wanted, in my humble opinon, is one of many movies that doesnt need a sequel AT ALL. But the movie industry is currently on the reboot-remake-sequel-prequel tip right now, so a sequel to it was inevitable. The first movie, although it was a fun ride, is percfect as a standalone story. I first heard of a sequel in the summer, but I consiered it a rumor. How the rumor was stated was that Angelina was goin to return to as her character Fox. (spoiler alert) Fox was given a dome shot near the end of the movie. She is DEAD! So I can’t imagine how they’re going to bring back Angelina Jolie’s character back. I know that she is a box office draw and she may very well be the reason why Wanted made 340 million worldwide on a 75 million dollar budget. But come on, give another actress a try. The reason why Angelina is the studio’s go-to action chick is due to the success of Tomb Raider. Before that, she would’ve never been considered as the female countrapart of Tom Cruise (when Tom dropped out of Salt, Angie took it over). I just don’t like it when a studio will just give a part to an actor/actress just because of their name when an unknown actor/actress could do just as good. I know why they do it i just don’t like it. It was hinted by director Timur Bekmambetov that her resurrection may have something to do with the wax baths we saw heal McAvoy’s wounds. Yea…..

Keep ya updated………..




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