Penelope Cruz in Pirates 4!!

15 02 2010

Penelope Cruz Joins 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with Johnny Depp?

Rumor Alert: Several reports are saying that Penelope Cruz is close to signing onto Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We all know that Penelope is a strong actress, anyone is better than Keira Knightly’s Elizabeth Swan, in the 2nd and 3rd she was just plain annoying. I kept hoping the Kracken would swallow her whole. One can dream, eh? I don’ have any objection to Penelope. Her potential casting brings up another casting choice thats been stuck in my craw since the 1st one, what happen to Zoe Saledena’s character? I know that Zoe isn’t hurting for roles now, but there was a period in her career where she did shit-ta-cious movie after another. I would’ve thought that when they announced Pirates 2, her character being the other women on the all male Black Pearl shop, she would have a pretty meaty part. I guess the studio didn’t want  her to upstage Ms. Knightly….With ST2 and Avatar 2, that tells me that she fired the agent who didn’t get her the role in Pirates 2.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides comes to theaters May 20, 2011……




2 responses

9 09 2011
Suilmi Haifa

Keira knightly was not plain in Pirates i watched the movies and she was just great She deserves to be Elizabeth Swan the princess and she ‘s agreat actress !! so to me it’s rediculous to exchange her by P.Cruz cz Keira will always be the pricess Swan !!!

25 09 2011

sigh….she was sooo annoying in the second one. No doubt she is a great actress ,she was just so one note but she wasn’t alone..I think by the third one everyone was just phoning in….even the monkey.

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