Not to bad Lana Lang

22 02 2010

One of my favorite cast members of the ever-lasting ever-shit-ta-cious (just since the 6th season) Smallville was Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang. You can tell that by the extremes of her character arc that she was miserable on the show, as soon as she left she cut off all her hair. That’s just what girls do, after a bad break up we go for a shake up. I was happy when she left the show but saddened when she starred in that awesome horrible movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Wow…Thats a career killer..or so I thought. Imagine my delight when lil Miss Kreuk showed up on my favorite show Chuck. I was practically giddy. Well I guess I wasn’t the only one,  Kristin Kreuk has landed a role in a new CBS comedy pilot, Hitched from the mastermind behind Chuck Josh Schwartz.  The show will revolve around ‘a newly married couple still learning about each other while surrounded by their family and friends’.  I Love You Beth Cooper’s Jack Carpenter has been cast as the groom and Eugene Levy as the groom’s father.




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