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I have always been obsessed with movies and television shows! Always. Before there was TiVo, I would use VHS tapes to catch any show that was on that I couldn’t watch. They say that watching to much of the ‘tube’ will make your brain much….well……lets just saw my brain is probably soup by now.As if now, my site is its infancy, I’m just a simple girl telling the world about upcoming movies/tv shows and sharing little funny vids. Soon I hope to share my short stories and maybe even upload mini movies. In a dream world, I want to be able to interview anyone in the movie biz.

My dream job is to be a professional movie critic. I’ve always had a knack for writing so I’m using this blog as an avenue to hone my writing skills and maybe get noticed….:-)

I’ve only been reviewing movies in the written form, a month, but I’ve been giving my opionon about them for my family all my life. I’m the go to person for a good/bad movie to watch because I have such varied taste. Ranging from Lucky # Sleven to  Con Air (come on that movie is awesome) to Toy Story.

I’m in love with movies and I’m ready to grind it out and learn everything I need to to help this lil hobby of mine become my livelihood. Thank you and good night!


2 responses

9 05 2010


Did you just randomly come to my site and give me a smack? is that what you do? I would like a rematch!


20 08 2010

whoops didnt reply in time

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