Hawaii Five-O

23 02 2010

…..is being coming back to the small screen. Not as re-runs of the original series that ran for 12 season (1968-1980)..No no, in the new tradition of Tv and movies, it is being remade into a new series for the modern 18-24 year old. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had signed on to script a pilot episode, this team will be rebooting the original concept (like 2009’s  Star Trek)

Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim has been cast to play Chin Ho Kelly, the first actor cast for the remake. Now we get word that  Moonlight and Three Rivers’s Alex O’Loughlin is cast as Steve McGarrett, taking the role from famously held by Jack Lord. Filming of the pilot for the new series is set to begin on Oahu in March 2010 for a Fall premiere on CBS.

Hmm..I’m not excited about this at all and I don’t think this will last beyond 6 or 8 episodes. Alex O’Loughlin seems to be kryptonite to new series trying to find its footing but CBS seems to like him, this is his thrid series with them. Moonlight was okay (Sorry my loyalty to Joss runs deep so I saw it as nothing more than a knock-off Angel) and Three Rivers had the dumbest concept to ever have been made into a series..Geez..Hopefully the writing is great, I expect nothing less from the guys behind the wonderfully modern Star Trek, but who needs another cop procedural? We’re on our 30th!

Maybe it’ll surprise me and become a thought-provoking new show…..Hawaii Five-O 2.0 premires in the fall…