Hawaii Five-O

23 02 2010

…..is being coming back to the small screen. Not as re-runs of the original series that ran for 12 season (1968-1980)..No no, in the new tradition of Tv and movies, it is being remade into a new series for the modern 18-24 year old. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had signed on to script a pilot episode, this team will be rebooting the original concept (like 2009’s  Star Trek)

Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim has been cast to play Chin Ho Kelly, the first actor cast for the remake. Now we get word that  Moonlight and Three Rivers’s Alex O’Loughlin is cast as Steve McGarrett, taking the role from famously held by Jack Lord. Filming of the pilot for the new series is set to begin on Oahu in March 2010 for a Fall premiere on CBS.

Hmm..I’m not excited about this at all and I don’t think this will last beyond 6 or 8 episodes. Alex O’Loughlin seems to be kryptonite to new series trying to find its footing but CBS seems to like him, this is his thrid series with them. Moonlight was okay (Sorry my loyalty to Joss runs deep so I saw it as nothing more than a knock-off Angel) and Three Rivers had the dumbest concept to ever have been made into a series..Geez..Hopefully the writing is great, I expect nothing less from the guys behind the wonderfully modern Star Trek, but who needs another cop procedural? We’re on our 30th!

Maybe it’ll surprise me and become a thought-provoking new show…..Hawaii Five-O 2.0 premires in the fall…


Sigh..is this what TV is coming to……

22 02 2010

William Shatner is set to star in a new pilot on CBS based on the Twitter account “S— My Dad Says”. The story is based on a Twitter feed by Justin Halpern, a 29-year-old who moved back in with his parents and documented the comments his 73-year-old dad made throughout the day. Justin co-wrote the script for the pilot! William will play Justin’s father in the pilot, which has Will & Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick serving as executive producers.

I’m not excited about this one……thats all the info for now………

Not to bad Lana Lang

22 02 2010

One of my favorite cast members of the ever-lasting ever-shit-ta-cious (just since the 6th season) Smallville was Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang. You can tell that by the extremes of her character arc that she was miserable on the show, as soon as she left she cut off all her hair. That’s just what girls do, after a bad break up we go for a shake up. I was happy when she left the show but saddened when she starred in that awesome horrible movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Wow…Thats a career killer..or so I thought. Imagine my delight when lil Miss Kreuk showed up on my favorite show Chuck. I was practically giddy. Well I guess I wasn’t the only one,  Kristin Kreuk has landed a role in a new CBS comedy pilot, Hitched from the mastermind behind Chuck Josh Schwartz.  The show will revolve around ‘a newly married couple still learning about each other while surrounded by their family and friends’.  I Love You Beth Cooper’s Jack Carpenter has been cast as the groom and Eugene Levy as the groom’s father.

The CW tries again….with Nikita

22 02 2010

The remake-reboot trend is not only for movies, it’s for television too. Yay…..The CW is trying to remake/’remordenize’ another television series from years past. That is what the CW will now be known for, as the channel that ‘re-does’ everything, it’s worked so well for 90210 and Melrose Pl–well 90210 (marginally so). The CW has announced its plans to remake the French film Nikita into another TV series. Yes, kiddies another one. USA made a successful series, Le Femme Nikita, that ran for 5 season from 1997 to 2001. It was of course based on the French movie Nikita and its US remake Point of No Return. Since this isn’t the first time that this film has been reworked into a series,  I can see its potential to work. The titular Nikita this time around will be Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard). She can kick some ass, which is apparently what this character is supposed to…

The USA title card

I’m still doubtful,  the CW has yet to legitimized itself as a strong network (that’s the reason that Jensen Ackles from Supernatural hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy). Having not seen the 2 movies or the series, I come into this project with an open mind. So we’ll see

Nikita the series premieres presumably in the fall, keep ya posted!

Guilty Pleasure: Melrose Place

11 02 2010

I have never seen the new 90210 nor will I EVER!! So imagine how my stomach felt when the CW, the station that killed The Game, announced that they were re-doing Melrose Place. It was up in knots. I was never going to see it until my darling sister convinced me. She watched the original MP, she knew the characters and the story lines, and when she heard some of the orignal cast members will be co-mingling with the hot young cast–her interest piqued. Now my sister usually doesn’t watch those type of shows, just Forensic Files, American Justice–shows like that. Call me gay–not in that way-but I wanted something topical to share with my sister. So I watched it. It was horrible. Most of the actors were unknown (you’ve seen them in bit parts, you know you have) expect for Ashlee Simpson. Sigh…..WHY WOULD ANYONE WATCH A SHOW WHERE ASHLEE SIMPSON IS THE BIG NAME!! Despite that huge injustice, I watched it for the sake of sisterhood. Aside from her weird stalker eyes and the who killed Sydney debacle, it was a deliciously trashy show. It was…gasp….a gulity pleasure….We watched every Tuesday, paused it when we had something to say, was so quiet as they butchered their lines, made observations that turned out to be right on point, and emailed each other when we thought of any new revelations. The last 6 episodes seemed to really picked up steam and was barreling in the right direction, especially after they fired Ashlee and that stiff looking guy.

One stand out is Katie Cassidy as they evilly bisexual Ella Sims. She is Heather Locklear’s Amanda incarnate. More of her please!! The rest of the cast is slowly stepping up as worthy co-stars of Ms. Cassidy, at this point her ‘power dresses’ and her willingness to do anything including screwing over her dopey crush is carrying the show. She is what Blair Waldorf was in the first 2 seasons of Gossip Girl (more on that). Another stand out is Vincent Webster as Ella boss, the cute but homosexual Caleb Brewer (apparently he played the same role in the orignal MP).

I don’t care for the old cast being integrated into the new show, that’s just stunt casting at its worst. The roles that they are playing—— anyone else could be cast in that part.

Unfortunately the show is not renewed for a second season……should’ve never cast Ashlee….her audition, if there was one, I know was not that great. Obviously her dad got her the part. I will continue to watch the remaining episodes. Hopefully the CW will reconsider but I know they won’t (the numbers just weren’t there)…..sigh.

Still of Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz in Melrose Place


New Show: Human Target!!

27 01 2010

Channel Fox

Synopsis: The series follows the life of Christopher Chance, a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. He protects his clients by completely integrating himself into the lives of the client, to become the human target. Chance is accompanied by his business partner Winston and hired gun Guerrero. He puts himself on the line to find the truth behind the mission. Even his own business partner Winston doesn’t know what drove him towards this life – becoming the human target.

Review in 5…..4……..3…….2……..1…….meh. Yes my review is meh. As you’ve probably read from my earlier post, I’m interested in the actors first before I get into the show. So let’s get to the actors. The stars are Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley as the team that helps their clients in one action packed jamboree.

Mark Valley had a short-lived show on FOX (curse you FOX) by the name of Keen Eddie. I didn’t watch it when it premiered in the summer of 2003, I caught it 3 years later when I was surfing the web for something to bludgeon the boredom one rainy day (don’t know if it was rainy. put in for dramatic effect). I liked the show. Mark Valley was charismatic as the titular Eddie. If Fox hadn’t cut the legs from underneath it by having the show premiere in the summer time (Wikipedia) then I believe I would’ve been tuning into its 3rd season. And Mark isn’t that hard to look at. Dreamy comes to mind…

Chi McBride…There’s game my sisters and I play called Mr/Mrs. Keep a Job. This game is used to describe actor/actress you see pop up everywhere rather it be on a TV or a movie. He is Mr Keep a Job. In the last 10 years you’ve seen him in 3 series (including this one), numerous guess spots and few movies. He was on one of my fav shows Boston Public as the hard-nosed, over worked principal. Just recently he starred on the wonderfully whimsical Pushing Daisies. Funny thing is that show just got cancelled and already he’s on another one. He’s great as leading man even better as the supporting player.

Finally there’s Jackie Earle Haley……he’s Rorschach……..in an awesome wig…..nuff’ said.

………………Okay Human Target, you got me so far. I’ve only watched the first episode. Understandingly, this is the pilot episode so everything is gonna be heightened. They need to hook you by giving you so much action and maybe some skin,. Hopefully it’ll mature past its Jason Statham phrase but it being on FOX..FOX -the killer of all good shows..I have my doubts. Not only do I love my actors but I love my characters. I found none. I did find one of the best claustrophobic fight scenes I have ever seen. But again this is the first episode. I try to give every show at least five episodes to grow on me. Five.

I’ll be tuning next week and I’ll continue to update you on my thoughts on this show…..