Clash Of the Titans…

18 02 2010

Sam Worthington has to be the busiest Australian import, after our beloved Mr. Jackman, in the industry today. In his ever-growing list of ripe movie roles, his most recent most part is Perseus, made famous by Harry Hamlin, in the remake of the 1980s  Clash of the Titans. I have never seen the 80’s original (can’t stand 80’s special effects) and I’m iffy on the new version. I love Greek mythology, a passion of mine, so naturally one of my eyebrows raised with curiosity. Then I saw the trailer…..

How awesome was it to cast Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as brothers, casting them as brothers in any movie is awesome. You mean to tell me that Qui-Gon Jinn and Lord Voldermort are brothers in a movie….wow……I used to think that they were brothers. Another standout is Alexa Davalos aka Gwen from Angel, I would love to see her more. And The Kracken, whose face we finally see, is a mad mother–shut your mouth. Still I’m getting a meh feeling about this but I’m an actor whore, so I will see it–EVEN IF IT WAS PUSHED BACK A MONTH FOR ITS 3D REJUVENATION…. Strangely I’m not excited about this movie but it does get my heart beating for the God of War movie.

Clash of the Titans now hit theaters on April 2nd, 2010.