I think Cop Out is a Cop Out…..sigh…..

6 02 2010

Initaily I was so excited for this new Kevin James directed movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. The orignal title was A Couple of Dicks. although that title does suggest a dirty schazez is soon coming, alas its a buddy cop movie. Still excited!! As a fan of Kevin James (I liked Jersey Girl), the prospect of him directing a movie without writing it made this movie a must see. Of course the higher-ups werent going to let Dicks stay in the title of the movie, so it changed to Cop Out. Then we got a trailer for it…….

“I was in the moment and the moment said slap you.”……sigh……A trailer is usually a visual synopsis of a movie thats not supposed to give you a lot of detail. Basically, you shouldn’t figure out the movie, even the end, by just the trailer. Thats the problem with a lot of trailers, either gives you too much or they just lie to you (The Invisible anyone). But the trailer should to hook you, thats why you see so many explosions and whatnot. So this trailer……..sigh……You either like Tracy Morgan or you don’t. But Bruce Willis…….you’re too good for this. Hopefully it’s not as bad as the trailer makes it out to be…….sigh….thoughts?

Cop Out hits theater Feb. 26, 2010