The End of Dollhouse

7 02 2010

Dollhouse finale review

Another Joss Whedon show on FOX bites the dust……It’s no secret that Dollhouse was going to end and that this was its last season. Joss knew it before it was officially announced, the 2nd season reflected in that. There really wasn’t a lot of stand-alone episodes in this season. The second half of the season dealt with the main story arc which I appreciated. If you were able to see the real pilot episode, Epitaph 1, it showed real promise. A promise of a fresh new show that Joss, unfortunately wasnt able to see realized with his equally terrific Firefly (Fox killed that too.).

The series as whole was in no way great, it was good. The concept was beautifully thought out, the new ideas floating around will make any good sci-fi movie, and the supporting cast were outstanding. The main problem I had with the show was its star. I enjoyed Eliza Dushku as Faith (on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but as a main role…She’s pretty to look at…If the series was more ensemble, it would’ve been more tolerable to most people.

The side story line between Victor and Pryia was one of the best love stories on TV since Jim and Pam (yea I went there), subtle and worth the wait.

The last episode of the series entitled Epitaph 2: Return, which continued the story of the un-aired pilot, could be seen as (it might be packaged as) the Dollhouse movie. It was a good attempt at a new idea. I don’t think it should-be been on FOX. Maybe next time Joss, you’ll learn……….