Sigh..another Fast &the Fabulous-I mean Furious…..Big SIGH!!!

7 02 2010

If you’re keeping count that makes this the 5th one. 3 with Paul Walker, 2  1/2 with Vin Diesel (he had a small cameo in the 3rd), and 1 with Tyrese..sigh………..I liked the first one. I did. Paul Walker is a cutie. The way that it was filmed had a gritty feel to it, I think that with the main stars being the cars made it more authentic. As if someone with a camara phone filmed it. Yes, cheesy lines ran rampant in that movie but what can you expect? The second one was a lil more flashy. It took place in Miami, the birthplace of flash. Vin Diesel decided not to grace the screens of the second one (heard he was being a diva and asking for more money), we got introduced to Tyrese. They give him some background story about being Paul Walker’s friend or something. Didnt matter. The villain was Hot!!! Yum! I thought that the coupling of Paul and Tyrese worked in this one, this duo naturally would continue in the third one, right? No,no,no,no. We get a new cast ala Lucas Black and Little Bow Wow…sigh….I watched it…Damn it, I watched it!! It took place in Tokyo, it has drifting, and Little Bow Wow and——I just kept wishing that a Little Wow video would come on. That wouldn’t be as bad as this movie was. Vin Diesel,promptly getting off his high horse, showed up at the end of this shit biscuit of a movie….I didnt watch all of the fourth movie. As I get older, I realized I have a limited amount of BS I can handle and this movie just—-It seemed so forced. You can tell that everyone was here for a check.

During the gap of the 1st Fast to this one, most of the main cast hasn’t had a hit movie or even an enjoyable movie. Vin managed to turn the one pretty cool character he had in his arsenal, Riddick, into a very expensive horrible joke. It’s as if he told a ‘black joke’ to President Obama during Black History month at an event honoring Harriet Tubman. It just fell flat. He turned down Triple X. Finally after the flop of his latest movie, Babylon AD, he came crawling back to the franchise that made him. Whatever kind of actor he was trying to be in The Pacifier, Dwayne Johnson took that from him. Paul Walker hasn’t fared to well either. His movies has either been released to DVD or he has had ‘seventh’ billing. Michelle Rodriguez has probably been the most successful, as far as having a pretty constant career. Most recently she had a part in the behemoth that is known as Avatar. Jordana Brewster…….yea, ’nuff said.

So why are they making a FIFTH one? It’s worldwide gross in its opening weekend stands at $102.6 million. The total worldwide gross is $407,085,500. So…..thats the reason why…..the title is Five Fast..Hopefully thats tentative.

I wonder what hip hop personality they are going to throw into this one..(FF1-JaRule,FF2 Ludicriss,FF3 Bow Wow,FF4-Tego Calderon)…just wondering……..


Titanic The Sequel!

29 01 2010

Funny right? Thoughts….