Get Him to the Greek Trailer

15 02 2010

I am a Judd Apatow fan, have been since his wonderfully funny but cancelled Undeclared. All his movies, directed or produced,  have pretty much been slam dunks at the box office and in my DVD collection (Haven’t seen Funny People, kinda don’t want to. Some fan, huh?)

Judd has decided to take the character Aldous Snow, portrayed by the hilarious brit Russell Brand, and build a movie about his crazy antics. As you know, Aldous is the rock star that Sarah Marshall was cheating  on her boyfriend Peter with, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (if you don’t know, then maybe you should check that out too).

check the trailer out.

Funny. I think that Russell is hilarious. Add this to the countless hits under Judd’s belt. Due out June 4, 2010

To give you a little taste, here’s Aldous being a rockstar…