The type of TV Watcher I am….

27 01 2010

I like actors more than I like the TV show they are on. When I found an actor I truly like, I follow their career. I become their champions. I watch all the movies, all their interviews–I scour the internet for anything I might have missed. So yes….I am obsessed. I especially love it when that one person that you’ve seen in about a dozen TV guest spots, been a few movies here there. That person you know that you’ve seen before. That person finally has their time to shine be it in a movie or new series. Crazy as it is I feel like a proud mama. I’ve seen them slowly build their resumé coming up through the ranks from playing Busboy # 1, to a character with a name, to character with a name and a few lines, to a guest star. And maybe even a special guest star.

So when people like Matthew Bomer (White Collar on USA) or Jensen Ackles (Supernatural on The CW) get their very on TV show and its a hit, I rejoice. Like any crazy fan I feel like I helped them get to this point. I know, you think I’m coocoo ba choo. You’ll have to be crazy to watch TV as much as I do. I think it’s especially funny to see how big huge stars got their start from being Busboy # 1.

Just a tad bit about me……………….more to come


Hey y’all!!

25 01 2010

This is my first entry into my brand new blog!!!(applause). I have some experience with writing a blog. My sisters and I have a dormant blog called I had fun with that but it wasnt what I waited to write about. I love movies!!!! and tv!!!! I am that girl who has watched almost every series that has been on. If I didn’t watch it when it was first aired then I most likely caught it on the web. Thank God for the interweb.

Now in the first couple of weeks/months this blog will go though several changes as I tweak my layout and my delivery.  I’ll alternate between vids and the written reviews for tv shows or movies.

Guys, I love movies and tv so much that i just had to find an outlet.  Hope you enjoy reading because I will enjoy watching/writing!!!

where i write my reviews

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