Killers Trailers…

15 02 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Ashton Kutcher….I, like most people, think that he is a douche. My personal feelings towards an actor shouldn’t cloud my judgement of an actor’s work. Thats why Ben Affleck had to go behind the camera to help his career move forward, no one could forgive him for Gigli or that Bennifer nonsense. So, trying to be a respectable critic :-), I have to separate my personal feelings for the actors… so….here’s the trailer.

Eh..Its like a bootleg version of True Lies…. It looks fun, an obvious comedic tone, and a shirtless Ashton–but do I want to spend $9 to see it.  Its directed by Robert Luketic, the man behind the shit-ta-cious The Ugly Truth and Monster-In-Law. Doesn’t exactly bode confidence, does it? don’t know…Jury’s still out on this one…..,

Shirtless Ashton and Katherine Heigel’s (meh)  Killers kills into theaters June 4, 2010.