Sigh…….The Wolfman…….Sigh…..

30 01 2010

Benicio del Toro’s The Wolfman release date has been postponed several times. Originally scheduled for a November 12, 2008 release then to——February 12, 2009—– to April 2008 —–to April 3, 2009—— to December 2008——to November 6, 2009——–to late July 2009——-now  to February 12, 2010.

During the numerous postponement, re-shots were done to change the way one werewolf looked in the movie and an action scene was added to, i guess, enhance the movie…….sigh…….

I”m just underwhelmed by the whole movie. Initially I was excited, old monster movies are my go-to for an instant cheestastic time. I just wished that they didn’t use special effects. While special effects can bring an amazing visual element to your movie, nothing beats old school prosthetic. Unfortunately the master of monster make up Stan Winston is not with us anymore, I wish I would’ve seen what he would’ve done with this project. The original movie is what got alot of older make up artist in the biz. I just feel by using special effects, the movie is cheapen. Now that I have seen the trailer…..yea I was right. Did Stephen Sommers direct this? I think the Twilight werewolves are making a cameo.

Youtube is being a d@#k!! Watch it on their site!


Titanic The Sequel!

29 01 2010

Funny right? Thoughts….