The CW tries again….with Nikita

22 02 2010

The remake-reboot trend is not only for movies, it’s for television too. Yay…..The CW is trying to remake/’remordenize’ another television series from years past. That is what the CW will now be known for, as the channel that ‘re-does’ everything, it’s worked so well for 90210 and Melrose Pl–well 90210 (marginally so). The CW has announced its plans to remake the French film Nikita into another TV series. Yes, kiddies another one. USA made a successful series, Le Femme Nikita, that ran for 5 season from 1997 to 2001. It was of course based on the French movie Nikita and its US remake Point of No Return. Since this isn’t the first time that this film has been reworked into a series,  I can see its potential to work. The titular Nikita this time around will be Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard). She can kick some ass, which is apparently what this character is supposed to…

The USA title card

I’m still doubtful,  the CW has yet to legitimized itself as a strong network (that’s the reason that Jensen Ackles from Supernatural hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy). Having not seen the 2 movies or the series, I come into this project with an open mind. So we’ll see

Nikita the series premieres presumably in the fall, keep ya posted!