Hawaii Five-O

23 02 2010

…..is being coming back to the small screen. Not as re-runs of the original series that ran for 12 season (1968-1980)..No no, in the new tradition of Tv and movies, it is being remade into a new series for the modern 18-24 year old. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had signed on to script a pilot episode, this team will be rebooting the original concept (like 2009’s  Star Trek)

Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim has been cast to play Chin Ho Kelly, the first actor cast for the remake. Now we get word that  Moonlight and Three Rivers’s Alex O’Loughlin is cast as Steve McGarrett, taking the role from famously held by Jack Lord. Filming of the pilot for the new series is set to begin on Oahu in March 2010 for a Fall premiere on CBS.

Hmm..I’m not excited about this at all and I don’t think this will last beyond 6 or 8 episodes. Alex O’Loughlin seems to be kryptonite to new series trying to find its footing but CBS seems to like him, this is his thrid series with them. Moonlight was okay (Sorry my loyalty to Joss runs deep so I saw it as nothing more than a knock-off Angel) and Three Rivers had the dumbest concept to ever have been made into a series..Geez..Hopefully the writing is great, I expect nothing less from the guys behind the wonderfully modern Star Trek, but who needs another cop procedural? We’re on our 30th!

Maybe it’ll surprise me and become a thought-provoking new show…..Hawaii Five-O 2.0 premires in the fall…



17 02 2010

Wow…….I dont know what to say…..Vin Diesel career is on fire now because of Fast & Furious so it only makes sense that he’ll drudge up this dying cat too. The last Riddick was too big of a shit-ta-cious mess. C of R bombed at the box office (cost 105 mil, made 115–technically a bomb) but the games were  successful enough to spawn a new movie. This time around will the film will focus on Riddick more, not on the sets and a floating Judi Dench. (couch*Pitch Black anyone *cough).

Penning the script again will be David Twohy ( A Perfect Getaway).

The Chronicles of Riddick 3 will be out sometime, I’ll keep you updated………….sigh

Spiderman Reboot In 3D…yay…sigh..

16 02 2010

I should start keeping a list of how many movies are now in 3D…..gosh

If you don’t know by now Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi (the star and director) has left the franchise over creative differences. At first I was resistent to this news, I thought that Tobey was Peter Parker and Sam Raimi vision of Spiderman was clear and fun. I do believe he dropped the pooch when he cast Kristen Dunst as the feisty Mary Jane Walker and the plot of the shit-ta-cious 3rd movie. Thats what happen when the Higher Ups took over your movie. Geez.

After Maguire and Raimi bowed out, Marc Webb (director of the painfully sweet 500 Days of Summer) took the helm for the re-boot of the franchise. I feel that other comic heroes should get the chance to don the silver screen instead of another Spidey, been there done that. Since the announcement of Marc Webb as director, there was rumor of his golden boy (Joseph Gordon Levitt or Jo-Go-le as I like to call him) donning the web-slingers mantle. Again just rumor….I wouldnt want Jo-Go-Le playing a super hero, that is a make or break role. Like at Brandon Routh’s (Superman) career as opposed to Christian Bale. Big difference. I don’t doubt his talent, I know that he could pull this off masterfully, but why? The reboot is taking place in high school, Jo-Go-Le is 29 yrs old. Age, most times, means nothing in Hollywood. It is a common practice for actors/actresses to be older (way older) than what their character’s age is. I just don’t believe this is where his career path should go.

I think that should get an unknown to play Spidey again and pick a better Mary Jane, one who seems happy to play the part.

I just like this fake trailer..its cute.

The now untitled Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.

Mortal Kombat……SIGH…..

11 02 2010

Mortal Kombat header

It looks like the Mortal Kombat franchise is getting a reboot, of course it is. Oren Uziel is already attached to pen this potential crap-tas-tical shit bomb. Hopefully we get more cool action scenes, fighting sequences–none of that campy crap that flooded the screen in the last two. Stories that come from video games has a track record as being the opposite of awesome (i.e. awful), this reboot should learn from the previous failures and be a more focused film. Stop focusing on so many characters, just put your time and energy into one maybe 2 main protagonists and 1 villain.  Mortal Kombat is known for its graphic violence and  the fatalities at the end of the fight.

Transformers 3

11 02 2010

Is going to be in 3D….This has left me a feeling of uneasiness and a lot of questions—-How many robots will be in this one? Will it make sense? Will it still be a convoluted mess? Why is it in 3D? Will that make the story better? Is Megan Fox’s ‘boobs’ going be in 3D? Will those asshole twin auto-botes be in it (funny the first time only)?

More questions to come…….

Planet of the Apes…sigh….

11 02 2010


I have never seen the orignal Planet of the Apes, just the shit-ta-cious remake starring the ‘oscar nominted’ Marky Mark (the quotations are meant for sarcasm). That movie was hor-rib-blay!! Micheal Clark Duncan didn’t even act like a gorilla, the amazing Tim Roth was doing too much, the incredible Helena Bonham Carter is wasted in this movie, and Marky Mark just frowned a lot. Sigh..My brother and I walked to the movie theater (it was close to the house) to see that piece of garbage. Yet again, they we’re too worried about the make-up and not the cast. I still don’t see what the big deal is about Mark Whalberg as a leading man. Has anyone seen the equally shit-ta-cious Fear? How is no one else annoyed by his voice? I always thought Donnie was the better actor of the two, he always seemed to go to a much deeper place in his character. Over 20 films and a ‘oscar nom’, and Mark still hasn’t mastered anything past the surface.

So the Hollywood Head Honchos have decided to remake P of the A again. The Marky Mark one didn’t happen in this version, I guess. If only they can do the same with my memory. Along the way to production, writer/director Scott Frank (Minority Report) left the project. Street Kings writer Jamie Moss will rework Frank’s script, and the original writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver will rework the dialogue. Hmm…it always makes me nervous when more writers are brought on to ‘rework’ an existing script. I get the hives just thinking about. A lot of people ‘reworked’ the Terminator Salvation script–on set!


11 02 2010

daredevil reboot

So there’s going to be a Daredevil reboot……Why? I have heard rumors of this for the last 2 years but now it seems like major moves are being made to put this into fruition. One rumored canidate for the Matt Murdock/ Daredevil role was Mr. Crank(2)-Transporter(1,2,3)-I will take any movie-Jason Statham. But that was when Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) was attached to direct.

David Scarpa, the man who is responsible for that shit-ta-cious remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, is penning the script. Excuse while I vomit my fruit harvest bagel. To say that I’m not excited for this movie is an understatement. The first movie, when Colin Farrell was in his prime, was a decent attempt. The 2003 Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck, made before the era of Batman Begins-The Dark Knight-Iron Man, three movies in my opinon that changed the landscape of comic book adaptations, had its obvious flaws but I didn’t think it was that bad. I felt that the second time, aka the sequel, would be better. Ben Affleck wasn’t bad per se as Daredevil, he was believable as blind guy who can see with his other senses. It was just that damn hair!!! I guess they want to distance themselves from the horrific Elektra. There was no excuse for that one. Elektra as a comic book is incredibly detailed and fascinating, the movie was a stiff punishment to all who watched it. I thought it was the apocalypse! (Please don’t reboot that!!)

Still of Ben Affleck in Daredevil

The hair!!

I’ll keep you updated with anymore rumors……But who do you think will be a good replacement for Ben Affleck? (Apparently the director’s cut of the movie is an overall improvement on the first. I didn’t see it but I think I will ch-ch-check it out. It has been released on BlueRay.)