Spiderman Reboot In 3D…yay…sigh..

16 02 2010

I should start keeping a list of how many movies are now in 3D…..gosh

If you don’t know by now Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi (the star and director) has left the franchise over creative differences. At first I was resistent to this news, I thought that Tobey was Peter Parker and Sam Raimi vision of Spiderman was clear and fun. I do believe he dropped the pooch when he cast Kristen Dunst as the feisty Mary Jane Walker and the plot of the shit-ta-cious 3rd movie. Thats what happen when the Higher Ups took over your movie. Geez.

After Maguire and Raimi bowed out, Marc Webb (director of the painfully sweet 500 Days of Summer) took the helm for the re-boot of the franchise. I feel that other comic heroes should get the chance to don the silver screen instead of another Spidey, been there done that. Since the announcement of Marc Webb as director, there was rumor of his golden boy (Joseph Gordon Levitt or Jo-Go-le as I like to call him) donning the web-slingers mantle. Again just rumor….I wouldnt want Jo-Go-Le playing a super hero, that is a make or break role. Like at Brandon Routh’s (Superman) career as opposed to Christian Bale. Big difference. I don’t doubt his talent, I know that he could pull this off masterfully, but why? The reboot is taking place in high school, Jo-Go-Le is 29 yrs old. Age, most times, means nothing in Hollywood. It is a common practice for actors/actresses to be older (way older) than what their character’s age is. I just don’t believe this is where his career path should go.

I think that should get an unknown to play Spidey again and pick a better Mary Jane, one who seems happy to play the part.

I just like this fake trailer..its cute.

The now untitled Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.