11 02 2010

Stretch Armstrong movie - Taylor Lautner


Yea……no answer right. Question 2- why is Taylor Lautner going to play him? Question 3-is he going to bring his cut-off jeans? Question 4-why is it going to be in 3D…….Yea, 3D, another movie that is getting the 3D treatment. So many questions…..It appears yet again that in Hollywood acting ability is not needed to be a movie star, there is a big difference between a movie star and an actor, to make it big. All you have to do is be in a shit-ta-cious popular tween movie and gained 30 lbs  of muscle, then you’ll be in-demand. He is already getting a reported 7 million dollars to star in a Northern Lights with Tom Cruise. Another movie on the pipeline for Mr. Lautner, is the big screen adaptation of the animated cartoon Max Steel…yea…..They sure are giving his muscles are work out…….sigh….wonder how the new Taylor Lautner-style Stretch Armstrong action figure will look like. The script is penned by Steve Oedekerk (Bruce AlmightyKung Pow: Enter the Fist), produced by Brian Grazer (American Gangster,The Da Vinci Code) so he might bring his partner in crime Ron Howard to direct (just a rumor)

Sigh…again I will keep you updated on this…..this…..IDK………