Killers Trailers…

15 02 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Ashton Kutcher….I, like most people, think that he is a douche. My personal feelings towards an actor shouldn’t cloud my judgement of an actor’s work. Thats why Ben Affleck had to go behind the camera to help his career move forward, no one could forgive him for Gigli or that Bennifer nonsense. So, trying to be a respectable critic :-), I have to separate my personal feelings for the actors… so….here’s the trailer.

Eh..Its like a bootleg version of True Lies…. It looks fun, an obvious comedic tone, and a shirtless Ashton–but do I want to spend $9 to see it.  Its directed by Robert Luketic, the man behind the shit-ta-cious The Ugly Truth and Monster-In-Law. Doesn’t exactly bode confidence, does it? don’t know…Jury’s still out on this one…..,

Shirtless Ashton and Katherine Heigel’s (meh)  Killers kills into theaters June 4, 2010.


Toy Story 3

15 02 2010

My life is complete now. Toy Story is the grandfather of all the good Pixar Studio movies. Without the success of Toy Story and Toy Story 2,  Pixar wouldn’t be the behemoth of all great animated movies (Up, Wall-E, Cars, Monster’s Inc , The Incredibles) of the past 10 years. The voice actors were so perfect in its roles that I often imagine Woody the Cowboy in different Tom Hanks movies, instead of Tom Hanks. For example, Woody in Castaway talking to Wilson…It has jumped on the 3D bandwagon but its Toy Story!! Shouldn’t it be in 3D? yea…..trailer below..


Yea, I’m the guy with the man boobs.

Toy Story 3 rolls into theaters June 18, 2010.

Aah!!!!Last Airbender Trailer!!!!!

15 02 2010

Look below!

(Falls to the floor.) Let me catch my breath. That was awesome!! So very AWESOME!! I’m drooling over here.

Only one real criticism, what endeared Aang (The last Airbender’s name) to us was his innocence. He was a child, the writer’s made sure we knew that, that was given this colossal responsibility. Over the course of 3 seasons, we see this child eventually accept his future, grew as a human but still retain his youth. In this trailer, I didn’t get it. Then again M. Night, is cramming what took a whole season to tell into one movie. So we’ll see….I’m still excited!!!

The Last Airbender bends its way into theaters July 2, 2010.

Idris Elba is a LOSER!!!!!

11 02 2010


One of my most anticipated  movie of the new years is The Losers! The cast alone hooked me! Starring Idris Elba (Stringer Bell), Columbus Short, Jefferey Dean Morgan (John Winchester, The Comedian), and Ryan Reynolds swagger jacking extraordinaire Chris Evans. Mmm..all that eye candy, I think I might get cavities!

The Losers,were betrayed by their handler, Max, and left for dead after the conclusion of their operation. Eager for revenge and the opportunity to remove their names from a secret CIA death list, the Losers regroup and conduct covert operations against the CIA and its interests, uncovering startling operations spearheaded by the enigmatic Max, whose influence within the CIA and U.S. government is unparalleled.Naturally they go after whoever set them up. Oh yea, a revenge movie with lots of explosions and fight scenes.

Adapted from the Vertigo comic, the screenplay was written by Peter Berg (Hancock) and is directed by Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard). The Losers also stars  Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Supernatural), Chris Evans (Push, Ryan Reynolds swagger jacker), Idris Elba (Thor, The Wire), Jason Patric (Narc), Columbus Short (Armored, Stomp the Yard) and Oscar Jaenada.

The Losers hits theaters April 9th, 2010

.the-losers-zoe-saldanaFor my male readers….

Avatar: The Last Airbender

6 02 2010

The Last Airbender is a film adaptation of the popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender (the name was shortened so it wont be confused with James Cameron’s billion dollar movie). I happened upon this series and was blown away. The story, the character,—-I had never seen a cartoon with such depth and a culture all its own. I have watched every episode of its short 3 season run. Although the show ended nearly all its storylines, I have often wondered how the marvelously detailed series would look with real actors. It looks like I got my wish. But with every wish comes wishers’ remorse. Here are my reservations: The series is greatly infused with asian culture, yet the cast race rages from Indian to Caucasian. When you think about it, thats not that big of a deal and the least of my worries. That actually opens up the world of avatar, instead of the movie just catering to one  nationality, its more international. Okay..I already put one on my fears to rest, still I’m worried. The director that is bring my beloved ‘toon to the big screen is none other than M. Night Shyamalan (he is also adapting it the series)…sigh…M. Night’s career started out so promising with The Sixth Sense, peaked with Signs, and last years The Happening solidified the slum. One thing I will give to him, he is a storyteller. In this day and age of garbage like Twilight, you need a director than knows how to weave a compelling story. The Happening has left a bad taste in my mouth (really the enemy was wind?), but just maybe this will be the movie that will reinvigorated him and get him back to his sixth sense glory. I swear if they make The Happening 2, I will murder a small cat!!

Here’s the teaser trailer and the TV spot for The Last Airbender.

I think Cop Out is a Cop Out…..sigh…..

6 02 2010

Initaily I was so excited for this new Kevin James directed movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. The orignal title was A Couple of Dicks. although that title does suggest a dirty schazez is soon coming, alas its a buddy cop movie. Still excited!! As a fan of Kevin James (I liked Jersey Girl), the prospect of him directing a movie without writing it made this movie a must see. Of course the higher-ups werent going to let Dicks stay in the title of the movie, so it changed to Cop Out. Then we got a trailer for it…….

“I was in the moment and the moment said slap you.”……sigh……A trailer is usually a visual synopsis of a movie thats not supposed to give you a lot of detail. Basically, you shouldn’t figure out the movie, even the end, by just the trailer. Thats the problem with a lot of trailers, either gives you too much or they just lie to you (The Invisible anyone). But the trailer should to hook you, thats why you see so many explosions and whatnot. So this trailer……..sigh……You either like Tracy Morgan or you don’t. But Bruce Willis…….you’re too good for this. Hopefully it’s not as bad as the trailer makes it out to be…….sigh….thoughts?

Cop Out hits theater Feb. 26, 2010

Sigh…….The Wolfman…….Sigh…..

30 01 2010

Benicio del Toro’s The Wolfman release date has been postponed several times. Originally scheduled for a November 12, 2008 release then to——February 12, 2009—– to April 2008 —–to April 3, 2009—— to December 2008——to November 6, 2009——–to late July 2009——-now  to February 12, 2010.

During the numerous postponement, re-shots were done to change the way one werewolf looked in the movie and an action scene was added to, i guess, enhance the movie…….sigh…….

I”m just underwhelmed by the whole movie. Initially I was excited, old monster movies are my go-to for an instant cheestastic time. I just wished that they didn’t use special effects. While special effects can bring an amazing visual element to your movie, nothing beats old school prosthetic. Unfortunately the master of monster make up Stan Winston is not with us anymore, I wish I would’ve seen what he would’ve done with this project. The original movie is what got alot of older make up artist in the biz. I just feel by using special effects, the movie is cheapen. Now that I have seen the trailer…..yea I was right. Did Stephen Sommers direct this? I think the Twilight werewolves are making a cameo.

Youtube is being a d@#k!! Watch it on their site!